1. What is PERU MODA?
It is the trade fair where you will be able to appreciate the best of our Peruvian export offer in apparel, footwear and jewelry.
High quality products design and industrial capacity.
2. Why to exhibit in PERU MODA?
Because it's the best platform to establish business relationships among the best import companies from the five continents and Peruvian companies of the fashion industry.
3. Do you want to participate as an exhibitor and get more information??
Please contact Ms. Yesenia Infantes: expositor@perumoda.com or yinfantes@promperu.gob.pe Phone: +51 1 6167400 ext. 2309
4. Are you a press member and want to register?
Please send your details to: press@perumoda.com or press1@promperu.gob.pe in order to be called once the organizing committee starts with the registration process.
5. Contest of Young Creators to the World.
If you want to learn more about this contest and its finalists, visit link.
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