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Peru Moda & Peru Moda Deco virtual

It is a specialized event, with the purpose of bringing the exportable offer of the Peruvian Apparel and Decoration industry sector closer to international buyers of the B2B format, who are looking for suppliers of new proposals, brands, among others; and close deals. https://www.perumoda.com/en/moda      https://www.perumoda.com/en/deco

Can I be part of the event if I don´t participate in the business meetings?

Of course, we organize complementary activities for those interested and linked to the Apparel and Decoration industry sector, for this we have International Forums, in which we provide the most recent information and evolution of the sector at an international level. This is a free space, prior registration please review the schedules that we will publish and access links at: https://www.perumoda.com/en/Index


Can I register as an international exhibitor?

No, this event is to promote only the Peruvian companies.


Who can participate in the event?

Peru Moda & Peru Moda Deco, is an exclusive event for professional and entrepreneurs in the apparel and decoration industry.

I´m a student, can I be part of the event?

Yes, students can participate only in the Forum https://www.perumoda.com/en/Index

How do I register in the platform?

Please click on “Register” and complete the registration form.

Does the participation in the event have any cost?

Is free, after registration and evaluation: https://mbmapp.com/event/perumodaydeco2020 Once accepted, you will be noticed by email.

What is the schedule of the virtual business meetings?

You can contact peruvian exporters during the month of October, from 1 to 30, from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. (Lima-Peru time). It should be noted, that the platform automatically adapts the business appointment hours to your time zone.

If I require any assistance, who can I contact?

For more information or assistance please contact buyer@promperu.gob.pe

How can I request, cancel or confirm my business in the platform?

In order to participate in the B2B Matchmaking, enter the following link: