Feel & Live Sustainable

In this edition, we seek to go one step further in the concept of sustainability and demonstrate that it is not just an aspiration, but a need that today's world demands.

FEEL & LIVE SUSTAINABLE is to shout to the world that we need to act and not just dream of being sustainable. In taking actions that promote the care of the environment and the preservation of our natural resources.

In this 23rd edition of Perú Moda, discover how being sustainable is part of being fashionable.

FEEL & LIVE SUSTAINABLE arises from the need to take actions that promote the preservation of the environment and respect and care for each member of the value chain.



The best of the Peruvian exportable offer in the textile, footwear and jewelry industry.

B2B Matchmaking, scheduled business rounds with buyers from the five continents.

Participate in Peru Fashion and connect opportunities with the world.



B2B Matchmaking: scheduled business rounds.

Innovation and technology: High-value products with innovative designs: alpaca, cotton and denim.

World reference event where buyers from the five continents participate.

Avant-garde fashion: Catwalk with Peruvian designers with an international background.

Peru Moda in the world

Peru is present in the different events of the fashion industry in the world.

September 19

Lima, Peru

July 15 - 19

New York, United States

July 23 - 25

Medellin, Colombia

October 21 - 29

China (Beijing), Korea (Seoul), Japan (Tokyo)