Household Textils

    We are heirs to a textile heritage that reaches back over 3000 years. Our products– which include blankets, bedspreads, quilts, sheets and cushions– are the fruit of many generations of work by craftspeople who poured their energy and talent into developing a style that is still evident today.

    Peru’s industry stands out for its flexibility when developing new forms and combinations, pulling off even the most complex designs without sacrificing quality and adapting to the customer’s needs.


    Traditional wooden furniture reveals the great skill of Peruvian craftspeople. A bed, table or sideboard become true works of art with exquisite details, without neglecting functionality or comfort.

    The handmade furniture is known for the length, density and strength of its grain. These products are made using harvesting processes that meet environmental and sustainability standards.

    Peru’s strategy aims to make more products available for export by diversifying the types of wood used. In addition to cedro (Spanish cedar) and mahogany, 32 other wood varieties have been identified, including cachimbo, capirona (Amazon maple), copaiba, tornillo (cedro-rana) and zapote.

    Decorative accessories

    Our decor accents uphold the tradition of Peruvian culture while staying attuned to international trends, allowing them to transform rooms into true works of art.

    Outstanding items include ceramic pieces, painted glass, basketry, chiseled gourds, paintings and tapestries.