• What is Peru Moda DECO?

    PERU MODA DECO is a new concept revolving around design and interior decoration.

    We have cutting-edge products for homes, hotels, restaurants, offices and other spaces.

    Our vision strikes a balance between innovation and tradition, with unique and high-quality decorative items designed to meet the trends and demands of international markets.


    Peru Moda launches “Peru Moda Deco” extension in order to centralize the Peruvian decor products.

    In Peru Moda Deco we offer:

    • A wide range of decorative and gift products.
    • B2B Matchmaking: Personalized business appointments.
    • Contact with buyers from the 05 continents.
    • The best Peruvian exporters with innovative and quality products.



    • B2B Matchmaking: Scheduled and personalized business meetings that give you a chance to connect and do business with international buyers.
    • Participating in PERU MODA DECO will allow you to establish the image of your company in Peru and beyond.
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    Why participate in PERU MODA DECO?

    • At Peru Moda Deco, you will find the cream of Peruvian exports in interior design.
    • Each item on display reflects our heritage and creativity and meets the international quality standards demanded by the market.
    • Because it is the best way to access B2B matchmaking: PERU MODA DECO allows you to schedule personalized business meetings and negotiate with experienced decor vendors from all over Peru in one single place.
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